MVMCP - not showing up in MDE


I bought tickets for MVMCP and I received them in the mail.
I've been unable to add them to MDE with my purchase #; does this mean I have to bring the tickets and my magic band won't work for entry ?
Am i missing some trick to add them?



You should be able to link them with the ticket numbers. Did you assign them at the time of purchase? Did you have a "dummy" account for the extra FPP?


Ticket numbers should be on the back of the hard plastic card. Did you turn them over to see if there was a number there?


Thank you, i'll try that! I just entered my purchase receipt # and nothing happened (just an error)

When I bought them, it did ask who they were for and I associated them with the correct people.


Did you look at MDE from a computer to see if they are linked?


They don't show up. I think it's because I need to go enter in the # on the back of the card instead of my purchase receipt #. I'll try that tonight when I get home.


When I did that I got the "this ticket is already linked" but then I could see it.


@finzup did you get it figured out and linked up?


Not yet, will try tonight, will post if it works


They now show up. Thanks! :tulip: