MVMCP & MVT Questions

Can you still get into MK at 4 with a MVMCP ticket? My mom and sister are going to WDW for a wedding in Dec and only have two park days, one is their arrival day and they’re going to the party that night. Right now they have a 2 day park ticket and were going to use one day at MK and then do the party (thinking they couldn’t get into the party until 7 otherwise). Their flight lands around 11/11:30am and they’re taking DME to POFQ so by the time they could actually get to MK, it doesn’t seem worth it to pay for a ticket to get maybe 2 extra hours (if they can get in at 4 with the party ticket). My parents and I went to MNSSHP last year and I believe we got there ~4:30 but none of us have ever been to MVMCP so just want to make sure it’s the same.

They’re booked through MVT (3 nights, 2 day tickets) so if they decide to change the tickets to 1 day (and use only the party ticket on arrival day), that shouldn’t be an issue for their TA to switch right? Would there be any issues since it’s booked as a package (I’m assuming)? They’ve only paid the one night room deposit so far if that matters.

I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed yet what time you can enter the park on a party ticket. It used to be 4pm but I know they changed things last year, so I wouldn’t like to say definitively.

As for MVT tickets. I think sometimes those tickets aren’t changeable. They’ll need to read the small print to find out if they change them.