MVMCP Map/Brochure

I’ve found a few of the MVMCP Map/Brochure online that look excellent but they are distorted when I print them. The wife and kids have no idea that I’ve booked a weekend trip as a Christmas gift for them (who am I kidding it’s really for me) and I wanted MVMCP Map the morning as part of the surprise we are going…after I wake them up at 2:00 a.m. to make our 5:00 a.m. departure time.

If anyone is in park in the next few weeks that would be willing to pick one up and mail my way I’d make it worth your time and effort.

gratias tibi ego

If no one comes through I have a wrinkled one I can send.

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That is such a great surprise - We will be there the first week in December. I could mail one no problem for you when we come back home. It’s actually very little time/effort you are asking, so definitely nothing needed in return, just where it should go.

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I have one I can send, got an extra over the weekend.

At Amydgeiger I would appreciate that-and to everyone else thank you for your offers!

Just wanted to say thank you again to all and to Amygeiger! The map arrived yesterday! My wife was standing next to me as I was going through the mail and I had to quickly toss it on top of the fridge!