MVMCP - late Dec

I can only go to MVMCP on 18 Dec due to our schedules to the other days. How many tickets do you think they sell for this event, and how crowded is it expected to be? I can’t find much out on the internet in solid terms - just blanket stuff like - not as crowded as standard day ticket, etc.

If this is the last one it will sell out in advance. Tp have party level info on the website somewhere

It’s the 2nd to last one - which doesn’t historically sell out too far in advance. I haven’t purchased yet, but will purchase in advance of the trip. I don’t expect a problem with it selling out.

They’ve never released the attendance numbers but reviews from recent years do make it pretty apparent that they are increasing the cap each year. We went in 2014 to an early December party that did not sell out and it still felt pretty crowded to us.

In 2014 I went to a party around the 14th- very crowded but one of the most magical nights I have ever had- anywhere! When you combine the Christmas spirit and a Disney party it is amazing! The crowd worked together so that everyone saw the parade and moved around so everyone had a clear view of the fireworks. Trruely magical!

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