MVMCP - Last Day

It looks like we’ll be in the bubble on the last Christmas party of the year. How crowded do they get?

THe last one? Probably pretty crowded. Tp has a blog post telling you least to most crowded tho. Can’t search now - wonder if someone else can help.

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I think last year many of the MVMCPs sold out. Even when it does, there will be significantly less people at the party than in MK on a regular day at that time.

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DH has nixed the idea. :frowning:

Oh! I am sorry! That party is my favorite event! It is magical.

I just added two days at Pop to the beginning of our trip with Deluxe DP; think I’m at the limit to what I can add on.


Besides, it’s the day that we drive down.

I completely understand! Moist likely you will be tired. Do they still have the Christmas party parade on other days close to Christmas ? If they do, see if it runs at night. It is lovely.

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I think that they do, but not sure if it’s at night or not. We’re only going to MK one day: 12/26, for DD’s 17th Birthday.

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As soon as the parties finish, the parade runs twice a day.

But not at night. The WDW schedule already has it in for noon and 3:30pm.

And there wil almost (as in 99.99999999%) certainly be EMH at 7am that day too. Could even be extra evening hours too!

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