MVMCP Holiday Wishes Dessert Premium Package worth the money?

Will be headed to WDW for our first time, planning MK and MVMCP on 12/15. Curious if anyone has guidance on the value of buying Wishes premium package – For our family, this would be $414 more above what we paid for the day thus far. I’m not sure what crowds will be like and if it will be necessary to have preferred seating for the Parade and Holiday Wishes, or not necessary. Appreciate some insight into this from experts here on touring plans. Thank you, thank you!!

I was wondering the same thing. We have reservations for 12/13. My DD6 will not make it until the second parade and I thought getting the preferred viewing would be an added bonus. I have found out you can arrive at 8:15 and still get a good viewing spot for the parade. I figured instead of holding a good spot we can meet some characters. When we went 4 years ago we had to get a spot for the parade at 7:00 so I’m thinking this saves over an hour of time. Some people say sitting and eating between the parade and wishes is a waste but to be honest what else could younfit in anyway before you’d have to be back for wishes. My thought is at least we have some food and a spot to sit. Who knows I could be wrong those are just my thoughts.

I would use your money for a different experience. The crowds at the parties are small enough that you will be able to get a spot for wishes without waiting. We were at the Halloween party last year and got a spot in the hub 15 minutes before the fireworks started.

Also, you are already spending $400 to go to the party, adding another $400 and taking an hour of the party time is a bit counterintuitive.

I have heard good things about the jingle bell jingle bam dessert party at DHS…you could check into that.

I have reservations for JBJB too but every review I’ve seen has been negative. That it’s been overcrowded, long lines for the food that was just soso and palm trees in the way of view. I have idea what to do about either.

We are going to the MVMCP, what is this premium package beyond the additional tickets just to attend the party?

The details are at .It’s a dessert party with reserved viewing areas for the parade and fireworks that happen during MVMCP. Cost is $79 per adult, $47 per child ages 3-9, plus taxes.

The dessert fireworks party in Epcot was my FAVORITE part of our entire trip. I am in my 40s without kids, however. Worth. Every. Penny.