MVMCP Help please

A friend is taking a spur-of-the-moment trip to MK with his 5 grandchildren on 12/22-23. I’ll pause while everyone absorbs the implications of that.

I don’t have a trip planned so I wasn’t paying attention to MVMCP details. I’ve looked at the calendar, but I can’t figure out if the 22nd is a party night for which he will need tickets.

I restrained myself from discussing FPP or ADRs or anything like that but if it’s a party night, I want to warn him. Anyone know? Thank you!

MK closes at 7 on party nights. Might also check to see if the parties are already sold out.

That’s why I’m having trouble. The calendar says MK closes at 1:00, but doesn’t say there is a party. Same with the TP app calendar.

MK “closes” at 7:00 on party nights, so there is no party on that night.

Thanks, brklink! That’s the answer I needed!

The parties ARE completely sold out. I think we need to send massive group prayers and pixie dust in your friend’s direction. Even with 6 months of planning, solo, I wouldn’t really want to be there this week. Last minute, no planning, no extensive knowledge of how WDW “works”, with 5 little kids in tow - I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it…


Did I mention that two of the grandchildren are three-year-old twins? Ho Ho Ho!