MVMCP "guests" and Magic Bands

I have two “people” in my MDE and on my resort reservation that only have ticket media for MVMCP (“they” look suspiciously like me and my DD). “They” were thrilled to be able to book FP for the party more than 30 days out since “they” are staying onsite in my room. “They” have RFID cards for the party from Undercover Tourist. Will “they” also get Magic Bands? When I click on the Magic Band section of MDE it only shows the RFID hard ticket info and does not offer me any options of choosing a Magic Band. Thought I might get “them” Christmas colors.

Magic bands come with resort stays so no, you won’t get more unless ‘they’ are listed on your reservation.

ETA sorry, you said they are listed? If you have 4 people in the room (for example) then all 4 should get magic bands. You don’t have to have any tickets at all, it’s for everyone (even infants) on the resort reservation.


Does it matter that I technically have a split stay? Due to availability issues I have back to back stays booked at Pop.

I have a reservation 11/6-11/8 booked through Priceline which is linked to my MDE (this is the one that has allowed me to chose Magic Bands so far).

And another Pop stay 11/8-11/10 booked directly through Disney. This is the one that has the two extra people added on. I can’t find a way to order Magic Bands for that reservation.

Both reservations show up on my MDE.

btw- thank you for your help with MVMCP FP info!

If you have a split stay, even at the same hotel, you should be able to order magic bands for both. I think you might need to call.

No problem!


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