MVMCP FP Question please?

Can you book your MVMCP FP before 3pm please?

You cannot book any passes before 4pm unless you intend to enter the park before 4pm using a regular park ticket. Your MVMCP ticket only allows you into MK beginning at 4pm. You can book FPP from 4-7pm only. There are no FPP during the party itself

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I thought last year since they ended all FPs by 6:30 people were able to book FPs at 3:30 (but you cannot enter park until 4:00 so it can be tight), 4:30 and 5:30.

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Thanks, We’ll be in before 4pm as have normal tickets. Planning on booking MVMCP on dummy account to get the extra 3 FP’s, and it would be useful to know whether I can use them in the morning too.

True. I guess you could do that.

The FP from the dummy account would only be available at 30 days out right?

yes, I might need to ask Disney whether they can be booked early

Last year the system did not designate a difference between a party ticket and a regular ticket when booking FP. So you can book as early as you want even with your party ticket and they still work. I had 3:30, 4:30,5:30 last year.