MVMCP for the rides or park hopper?

We have five days at Disney. Going to each park one day. Day 5, (11/8) our current plan is to go back to HS in the morning. Idea was to have a day at the end of our trip at HS to try to get SWGE FPP (assuming they offer them then). Kids then want to go back to MK. It is a MVMCP day. Do we A.) go to MK about 12pm-6pm (assuming lower crowds 12-4) with a park hopper or B) buy tickets to MVMCP (it’s opening night and will sell out) with a focus on rides? The price is the same for us bc we don’t park hop and the price of park hopper is about the same as event tickets. Focus is maximizing experience. Maybe we rope drop SWEG and get all FPP for MK? By way of background, we did the christmas party about 3 years ago focused on the shows, parades, etc. and didn’t feel that it was worth the money. Two years ago we went to MK on a party day and had a great time because the park was pretty empty in the morning. So the threshold question is whether it’s worth the money to do rides at MVMCP and are the lines short enough on opening night? Thank you! I’m so paralyzed over this decision.

I and my wife went to MVMCP two years ago. Personally we would not do it again. It is way too expensive for what you get. In trying to watch the shows we were pushed and shoved by others trying to come later and push to a front stage spot. Never again! Now Park Hopper is not as expensive as MVMCP and with it you have the freedom to change parks at any time which is nice because most decent places to eat are in Epcot. Also if you get bored in one park you just go to another. That’s my feeling on the matter :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I love MVMCP for the parade, fireworks, and atmosphere, but since you are ride-focused I think you will get more bang for your buck with park hoppers. We never accomplish all of the rides we plan to do at the parties because the lines have always been longer than predicted.

Thank you both for your input. We have decided to go with the park hopper. Have a great day!

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I’m so glad you asked this because I had the same conundrum!

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