MVMCP for adults

We will be in WDW in November on an adults only trip. We could go to the MVMCP. Should we? We love rides and would like to have short lines. We would do character meets but won’t wait in long lines for them. Always happy to see a parade and fireworks. Do you think we would enjoy the party?

I can’t answer your questions, but we will be there at the end of Nov/beginning of Dec for an adults only trip also and are planning on attending because we want to experience it at least once!

I went for my birthday last year (42 years old) with my sister, who is 37, and no kids and we had a BLAST. We loved the parade, I thought it was absolutely magical and wonderful and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a sold out party and we still loved it. We mostly collected all our “free” party snacks and people-watched, took in a handful of rides, fireworks and the parade. Combination of good touring plan and a subscription to KTP helped us make the most of all our party time.

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We had our kids with us when we did MVMCP before, but my husband and I both loved it just as much as they did. As with everything, some will disagree, but I highly recommend it.

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I might enjoy Disney more than my DD7. Sooo… I would go in a heartbeat!!

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My wife and I have a trip planned for early Dec … both in our 60’s … and are specifically scheduling a day for MVMCP. Hope that helps answer your question as we thoroughly expect to enjoy ourselves. :grin:

I wasn’t impressed with the party in 2013. Gabe and I did it this past November (2017) and it is much better. He didn’t want to wait 20 minutes for 7DMT but we got on other rides we wanted. Treats improved as well.

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I did the party solo last year and really liked it, I mostly focused on rides and snacks and it was worth it I felt.