MVMCP First Timer

Attending our first MVMCP 12/18. Hoping for some tips from all you experts. Not a Disney newbie, just new to party scene. We plan to be at MK during the day as well but not RD since we’d like to stay for entire party. Parade, shows and atmosphere our priority. 7D, Santa and Mickey meets would be fun. First day but not only MK day. Would like to include some rides as well to take advantage of shorter waits. DS6

Same as us, I am New to party scene, I have adapted the mk 2 day touring plan but am very interested in the tips you get here, we go on the 19th nov so might be able to give you some tips on my return, we are going to start around 12ish and stay all day too

I would look at the offerings that are unique to the party: the parade, fireworks, snow on Main Street, some shows, Celebrate the Magic- party edition. Attractions will have shorter lines. especially after 10:00. I decided to do 7DMT and Peter Pan at that time.

I’m interested also, this will be our first party of any type. Dec 1. That morning we are hitting the pool and resting so we can try for a long night. Taking DD 4 and 7. Plan on getting there around 4 when they let party tickets holders in so we don’t have to use a park day.

It can be very crowded between 4-7, I am not saying to stay away- just be prepared. Also, since they start moving all the non party people out of the park after 6:00 the area around Main Street can be almost impossible to walk around before 7:00.

Thanks, principal! Sounds like you do first parade. We never go early for a good spot for parade or fireworks-just show up and are happy with what we can get. But for this event it’s our highest priority. Where do you view from? Since there’s no FPP I’m assuming the wishes spots will be open for all. I’d love to have the castle in the background as we see the floats.

I do find a place for the first parade since that leaves me open to watch the second one as well! I tend to watch the first one close to the Hall of Presidents, follow as it ends and wait near the front of the castle for CTM and HalloWishes.

We are also not new to WDW but 1st time MVMCP. Nov 12th is our night. First full day at the parks - GD 5yrs old. We will be at rope drop - leave around noon to rest and head back late afternoon. 7D photo is a top desire as well as parade; Are 7D always a photo op? all night? what is the best time to line up for them? Will BOG be open? Have tried and tried for RSVP w/ no luck… Darn Free Dining!!

Went to MVMCP Nov 2010 so before Fantasyland expansion and the 7DMT so that will make a difference. We got to MK for 4pm entry and park was pretty quiet then, guess people didn’t wan to use full day pass for part day. Every ride was a walk on all night and we went to all the shows. I can’t remember which parade we went to but I think the first as I’m sure we watched the fireworks after. We usually watch all parades from outside the Sleepy Hollow shop in Adventureland and we did stake out a kerb spot early so had a really good view. As we have only ever been to WDW in summer before it caught us out how the temperature drops after dark so make sure you take sweaters and something to sit on if you plan to perch on kerbs for parade. Otherwise just soak up the amazing atmosphere, we especially loved the smells from the parade floats and being snowed on in Main Street, oh and the hot chocolate.

We were thinking about trying to meet 7D also. From what I’ve read, it seems like people start lining up at 5:30 though. Originally I thought I’d just get in line around 6:15, but now it seems that it would be a crazy long wait even with lining up 45 mins early. I’ve also ready that the line stays consistently busy the entire night and they cut the line off well before midnight.

I went last year on a Sunday night in December. The park was crazy busy from 4-7. I think you have to decide- if you wait for 7D you most likely will be in line for a couple of hours. I loved, loved the MVMCP last year, crowds and all! It is a magical event! Enjoy!

Have done this party a few times- and have been there for most of a day at the MK before attending MVMCP at the end of the day during either our first or second one- can’t remember which. Let’s just say we have learned from our mistakes- and will be doing nothing that day prior to this year’s party, and plan to arrive later than 4 PM. We plan to stay until the end of the party, and ENJOY our time there. IMHO, if you are planning to stay for the whole party and want to ENJOY it- you cannot be there much earlier in the day, as it becomes more of a ‘job’ or an attempt to ‘survive’ it. The very best time at these parties IMHO is after the fireworks- as many of those with small children (as well as those exhausted from being in the park all day- hint, hint) head back to their hotels. You want to do attractions? This is the time period to take advantage of that. There is a TP which incorporates MVMCP offerings as well that you may want to check out.