MVMCP, first timer, and a sold out party. Any tips?

I bought our tickets yesterday, and the tickets are sold out as of today. We’ve never been to any hard ticket event, and I am a bit nervous as to how to handle the crowd. I want to see the parade and focus on entertainment that exclusive to the party. The one character M&G we want to try is Nick and Judy. Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated. I know the parade viewing spots are more magical on Main Street, but is it worth the crowd? Should we just enjoy the parade from Frontierland?

We were there on December 6; I’m not sure if it was sold out. We were mostly there for rides, cookies, and to see the lit-up park at night. We decided not to wait for the parade, so this might not be that helpful, but lines were not long at all and crowds on Fantasyland and Tomorrowland seemed light.

Character meets are not our thing, but I did notice that the line for Nick and Judy was not long at all. Maybe 8-10 groups during the time we were in Tomorrowland, which was 8:30-9:30 p.m.

How many people in your group? (not sure if you mentioned it somewhere else)

Your best bet, I feel, is to hit up the 2nd (or 3rd) showing of any show when it comes to crowds. The frozen holiday wish happens twice (once at 6 and another, I think, around 8 (It’ll say it on the pamphlet guide). There’s 2 parades, one at 8 and the 2nd one is at 11PM. There’s multiple castle shows, I want to say…3 of them? possibly 4. I can’t remember that one.

Most of the crowd will gather near the treat spots and main street, but main street does thin a bit once it gets close to parade time. And I gotta say, seeing the parade on main street was pretty fantastic and worth the crowd (for me). If you don’t have littles or strollers, you could possibly wait until the last minutes before the parade and just sneak/squeeze into a spot. YOU might not be able to get a wonderful view, but there’s a good chance the grown ups in front will let the kids in front to see (be sure to ask if the kids can go in front before they just jet off, obviously). If you can wait for the 2nd viewing, main street should be far more manageable.

I didn’t find the crowds to be overwhelming though when I was there. There was only 1 time, right after the castle show, where it was just total grid lock for a few minutes. But if you’re cool with waiting 10 minutes (roughly) for the crowd to disperse, you will be fine.

As for fireworks, i would say try to keep to the middle as much as possible, because the outlying fireworks feel more impressive.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the meet and greets, but I would say while everyone is lining up for the first parade/show get in line then because that’ll be when the biggest draws to other areas will be. This way you’re not wasting your time in a line.

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One thing I wish I had known, not having gone before? People wear CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS. If I go again I am definitely doing that. I hated missing out on an opportunity to wear jammies in public.