MVMCP fireworks show visible from

…anywhere in the park??

Just saw an interview with a CM (?maybe from D23?) posted on another forum talking about the new FW show. She said the good thing about the new FW show is it’s visible from anywhere in the park so just keep watching stage shows and getting treats. Just be sure to “be out in the night sky” to see the FW and hear the music. That doesn’t jive with the news about a new projection show.

Anyone know anything about this? Maybe Disney is actually trying to relieve hub congestion during the party???

On the party page the information about the fireworks is that they can be enjoyed from most locations in the park. It does not say anything about projections.

Oh I actually hope this is true! Would make planning much easier!

If it is not true I am going to be complaining to them because they said it and I am counting on it. We will be avoiding the hub because of all the people who won’t read and expect something else. I go on Nov 12- third party- so I will find out soon.

I’m going to the first party so I can’t rely on awesome Liners to give me the scoop. I’ll ask at the party and report back.

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