MVMCP Firework Dessert Party

We decided to try the plaza garden viewing dessert party. The info says arrive 90 minutes prior to the firework time?
Does any one know if there is a certain time you need to check in by? Can you come/go as you please and just head back in time to get in place for the fireworks?

We did the plaza garden viewing at MNSSHP (and we are doing it again for MVMCP in early December) and you check in, get a wrist band and are free to come and go. If you want to do the desserts, you can check in up to 15 min early and then wait to head over to the garden area about 15 min or so before the fireworks. You just show the wristband to get into the garden area

Thank you so much! That’s really helpful. Is there a time you need to check in by to get the wrist band? Can you plan to go 30 minutes before, grab food quick and then head to the fireworks?

I think you could get the wristband and then go do rides and come back about 30 min prior but that may be cutting it a little close to enjoy the desserts and not feel rushed.

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Happy thanksgiving everyone!
Does anyone know if there is an option for reserved viewing for the first parade at the Christmas party?
I know there is the party at Tony’s but it looks like that is only for viewing the second parade.

We did the MVMCP dessert party on 11/15. We checked in at about 9:20 pm (almost an hour after check-in started), had our desserts and then went to the garden at about 9:40 pm. You could definitely check-in 30 minutes prior to showtime. I wouldn’t wait too long after that to get to the garden, though. It started filling up about 10 - 15 minutes prior to showtime, so I’m glad we got there slightly early to snag our spots.

There is no option for reserved viewing for the first parade. Tony’s is the only reserved parade viewing option and it’s for the second parade.


Thank you!
That’s what I thought about the parade viewing.
Anyone know how far ahead you have to plan to get a decent spot on Main Street for the parade?