MVMCP DVC entry question

I will be taking my sister and nephews to MVMCP on Dec 13. I am an AP holder and DVC, they will have event tickets. I know that with my DVC membership I can get us in to MK at 2pm for MVMCP.

Question: can I book FPP for them for the 2-6pm window, or only the 4-6pm window?


Everything I have read has said you can book anytime on that day. I will be doing this for the 8th, and I will report back before you have to book?



MDE is not smart enough to tell the difference between a party ticket FP booking window and regular ticket FP. Therefore as @PrincipalTinker said your party ticket can book FP anytime that day. You are only limited by what time your ticket media will allow you into the park. I plan to book my party FP in the morning as I will enter with a regular ticket that morning and have 6FP before noon!

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That is SO helpful – thank you!!!

I was reading some DVC Facebook posts last night and it was confirmed you can make your FPs at any time. I think I will schedule my first one to start between 1:30-2:00. I have a 4:30 BOG and I want all my FPs completed before then.

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