MVMCP Crowds vs EMH

Our trip is 1st wk in Dec - we have park hopper but not going to MVMCP. MK has crowd levels of 2 on MVMCP days. The other 2 days are EMH days with crowd levels of 6 and 4. Trying to figure out if we should do morning EMH when the crowd level is a 6 or just go on the MVMCP day with a crowd level 2. We can park hop after mid-day break since MK closes early for the party. And in reverse, how are evening crowds at MK on the morning EMH days - do they thin out - can we park hop back to MK on morning EMH days - otherwise we’ll have no evenings at MK. Hope this makes sense! Thanks!

I am concerned that non party days , well actually all days, were reported as very busy last year. I think you should plan for large crowds regardless and be pleasantly surprised if it is a low crowd! It will be magical either way!

We love the parks before 4 on party days. Most people without hoppers will not burn a day when the park closes so early so it tends to be light(er) on those mornings. We aren’t fans of EMH unless it’s as night. We rarely even make it to normal rope drop lol.

We went 2nd full wk Dec 2015. The party days were not crowded. Still should book FPP for your top 3 rides. The non party days were very crowded. A lot more traffic. I would do MK in the AM and then park hop when you’re done. I try to avoid parks with EMH just because they draw more crowds.

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We are going on a party day but not going to the party that night. Going to use it as an early night in. We are going on the day that has evening emh. Our plan is do be there at rope drop and tour through lunch. Then take a long afternoon break back at our resort and then go back to MK around 6 or 7 to get a couple of rides in and watch the nighttime parade and wishes. With the party taking up 4 of the 6 nights we are there we only have 2 chances to see wishes so we are gonna tough it out and do it that night.

We are doing the same thing, except we plan on hopping over to Epcot around 4:00 PM on one of the party days. The following day, we will be at Epcot and will hop back to MK in the evening to watch the parade and Wishes.

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