MVMCP - Closer to Christmas

Hello Everyone - I’ve been to MVMCP before, but it was early November and crowds weren’t too bad. This year, my wife and I are thinking of taking her parents, but we’d be there the week before Christmas and would go on that Tuesday (the 17th).

First off - for those who have been closer to Christmas time, how busy is MVMCP relative to a normal day in the park? I imagine it still must be less crowded, since it’s a ticketed event, but I could be wrong.

Second, even though our dates are closer to Christmas, I imagine the Tuesday still has to be better than a Friday or Saturday, simply because school is still in session for most.

I realize all of this could be completely wrong or change drastically given SWGE fully opening by this point. Anyway, thanks for any perspective about MVMCP that close to Christmas! It should be fun either way!

TP just published their guide to MVMCP dates last week:

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Oh that’s perfect! My potential date is pretty far down the list (makes sense) but not the worst.

I assume still less crowded than a normal day in MK, hopefully.

We are hoping to go the 17th and 19th! Both are level 3 days during normal park hours, so I’m hoping it won’t be too crazy for the parties.