MVMCP - Christmas party Sunday 11/26

OK we were debating on these two MVMCP dates - Sunday 11/26 or Tuesday 11/28. Originally thought Tuesday, BUT we have a friend meeting us in the world for 2.5 days that week…and the Christmas Party is something we reeeeally want to do just the 4 of us (myself, DH, DS, DD) and so we think we should do the one before he arrives (Sunday 11/26) to avoid us having to have him tag along to that, haha!
I thought Tuesday would be less crowded that Sunday…as the Sunday party is Thanksgiving weekend, but DH pointed out it’s Sunday night, so lots of people are getting ready for back to school and work, so probably a negligible difference. I’m trying not to over-analyze, because even a “sold out” MVMCP night is a drop in the bucket to normal daytime crowds in the park right?? Feel free to weigh in…

The last trip I and my wife made to WDW was in 2016. I believe it was late Nov. Anyway we had never done the MVMCP so I said what the heck it’s Xmas. I shucked out the extra $200 and bought all the Xmas personal decorations we could find to wear during the daytime hours. Lighted necklace and the works. Now I don’t mean to stomp on anyone’s parade, but here was our experience. It all starts after 1900. First you must find someone that will check your bracelet to see you paid the extra money to attend MVMCP. That’s fun locating them. They then put a bracelet on you and your good to go. Now I thought the crowd would be less as you have to pay the extra money just to stay the hours you should have gotten with a regular pass. Not So The place was packed to the Max. We stood in line for a cup of hot chocolate and another for a cookie. That’s it folk for extra’s. Of coarse there is the Xmas Parade and the big Sing Along at the Cinderella Castle. So we get to a good place to see the festivities and wait about an hour for a good spot to see things. The crowd is packing in and pushing and shoving and trying there best to get in front of you even though they just showed up. If you point this out and won’t let them pass of stand in front of you it becomes a problem. Rude, Rude, Rude! I am from the Midwest and we don’t act the way three young girls did that night. For us it was NOT a very merry Christmas and I can tell you I would never waste my money on MVMCP again. Others may differ on this, but be prepared.

I was just curious on which day people recommended if one was going to be a huge difference from the other.
This won’t be our first time to MVMCP, we’ve actually gone every year for the past six years. It’s one of our traditions every trip and we we LOVE it, always have a good time!

I just got home last night and went to 3 MNSSHP’s: Friday, Sunday & Tuesday nights. I expected Friday to be the most crowded, followed by Sunday and then Tuesday. I was wrong though, Friday was by far the least crowded of the parties. Sunday was next and Tuesday was quite a bit more crowded than the other 2. I would go Sunday like you want, there may not be any rhyme or reason to which is more crowded.

Sort of what I was thinking…I really feel it’s a random crapshoot lol. Thanks!

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I would’ve assumed Tuesdays are least crowded but I’ve been hearing otherwise!

Excited to see that someone else is (considering) going to the same party as I am :tada: Here’s to hoping your DH was right about the Thanksgiving peeps heading back home on Sunday night! Enjoy!!

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