MVMCP - Buy tix already?

We’re looking at going to MVMCP in early December. (Dec 9, I think).
I saw someone mention that there’s already limited availability for some dates… probably busier days, I’d expect.
But - do I really need to be thinking about purchasing tickets already? It still sees so. far. away. sigh.

Yes! It is hard to believe.

Do you have airfare yet? I am not even considering MNSSHP tickets until I have my airfare.

TP does have historical data somewhere that shows the date of when the tickets sell out.

I got nervous seeing the ‘limited availability’ post myself so bought mine for Thurs. 11/29 last night over the phone.

Did you get a real person or automated system? On Thursday when I bought party tickets for the same night the automated system told me there was limited availability.

I do have airfare - but only because I saw a really good deal come through. I don’t think most airlines have even released their tickets yet, for our dates.

I thought I’d seen historical sell-out dates, too. So, I went digging…

There is sold-out historical data in this blog post - stuff from 2014, 2015. But, I guess that’s enough to go on.
I’m looking at going Dec 9. That correlates to Tues, Dec 12, from 2017. Looks like it didn’t sell out until the day of the party in 2015. And really, none of those parties sold out more than 6 months in advance.

So, I’m banking on this and will not buy tickets until much closer to our travel dates.

I think when we went to MNSSHP, we bought tickets about a month in advance, with zero issues. I’ll aim for that again this year, unless someone knows of a reason that this year is different and things are selling out so much earlier.

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“Limited availability” that’s enough to scare people into buying tickets now. I have to admit when I saw this post I thought holy crap, I need to get my tickets now! Not even sure if we want to go yet, tricky marketing! Lol

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We really really want to go to MNSSHP on HALLOWEEN of all days!! It’s gonna sell out but not this fast. And I refuse to buy non-refundable tickets when I can’t get airfare yet! Very creative marketing on Disney’s part!

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I would be shocked to learn this were true. Per this blog listing, the furthest “sold out” date for MVMCP to date has been 19 days out for the last party of the year, and numerous dates do not show any sold out date at all.

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I got a real CM, she didn’t mention limited availability.
Maybe we’ll see you that night :slight_smile:

When I just bought MNSSHP tickets for the 17th of August, I asked the CM if it wasn’t just a bit early for such a purchase. He stated that the first day and the last day of an event like this go fast. Now I am hoping he is wrong because I am not looking for the park to be packed and I figure people will want to buy closer to Halloween and not in August. Went to MVMCP in Nov. of 2016 and it was packed. Never do that one again and if it wasn’t for bringing my 16 year old grandson this time, I doubt I would do MNSSHP. I never was one for Christmas but I love Halloween. Hoping this early in the season that park levels will be somewhat low and rides will be easy to get on. Love to see the Halloween festivities though I doubt we will dress for the occasion. :japanese_goblin:

First day is big for bloggers TAs media, etc andndoes then to be crowded.

We were there last year on first night of MNSSHP and it was pretty busy, but it was our first time to a party, so I have no reference. It started to rain around 1030 or so and the crowds thinned. We stayed the hole time because it is a big expense, and we rode a ton. That was my goal, the kids wanted candy, so we stopped for candy when the line wasn’t 50 people long.

We went 10/6 last year. I don’t believe it sold out. It was moderately busy (no real reference though). During first parade and show, we got to ride space mountain over and over. Very short lines for rides during that time. We didn’t do any character meets. We got tons of candy with no real lines. Candy lines were in cool places like philharmonic that was showing B and W cartoons. We didn’t buy any snacks (did have dinner at CHH) and just are our candy to keep us going until midnight!

That was obviously MNSSHP. This year we are planning MVMCP 12/6. Will wait to buy tickets though until we have airfare!
I had read to not bother with treat lines because they tend to be super long at MVMCP. What have others experienced?

My wife and I went in Nov. of 2016. It was very disorganized when it came to getting our wrist bands. The place was packed and I mean packed. Long lines for a cookie and hot chocolate. Stood in front of the castle for about an hour to see the Christmas show. People started pushing and shoving to get a better position even though they had just showed up. Not fun at all. Would not do it again. We are however going to the MNSSHP on the 17th of Aug. Have our 16 year old grandson this time so it is the only reason we are going. Hope we have a better experience this time :unamused: