MVMCP and fast pass

Have MVMCP tickets for December 10 but they are linked to my regular Disney account. Can I still make 3 fast passes at 30 days out starting at 4 until the party starts.

You can make 3 FPs for the day on one MDE account, so if you want to make 3 in the day and 3 during the party (they need to be 3.30, 4.30 and 5.30 because it closes at 6) then you need to move your party ticket to a dummy MDE account.

Thanks. We are only doing a party that day so it will only be the 3 FP. I read somewhere that u could enter MK at 4 even thou party does not start until 7. Is that true and if so then can I book a FP for 4,5 and 6 before party starts. My priority when the party starts is more about the Christmas activities vs rides.

You can book the 3 - you need to do all your other days first - but they have to be 3.30, 4.30 and 5.30 because MK shuts at 6 so there are no FPs for that time. Yes you get in at 4pm.

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I was in the same situation as you, only going to the party on 11/24, not using another ticket. I made Fast Pass reservations for like 3:25, 4:25, and 5:30 for 3 different rides at 60 plus days out as I was staying onsite. You definitely want to book before 4, 5 and 6 as FP ends at 6pm, nothing is available. The 3:25 FP for us will work till 4:25, so we will head straight to that ride first on the night.


Just double check the times of your FPs. The system is not clever, it just recognises the tickets as valid and will allow you to book FPs at any time.

And for any DVC members, you can enter the park at 2pm so could book from 1:30pm if you want to, leaving time for possible extra FPs before 6pm.

What does “60 plus” mean?

You can book your FPs at 60 days before check in if you’re staying onsite, for the length of your stay. So you can book for days that are further than 60 days before your stay.

If you’re staying onsite you can book FPs for up to 14 days or length of stay, whichever is shortest, right at 60 days out from your check-in date.

So if your stay is 5 nights people talk about day 60, 60+1, 60+2 up to 60+5 to mean days 1 to 6 of your trip. So you get to book your 6th day (check-out day) 66 days ahead.

Thanks for the info @missoverexcited and @Nicky_S! I’ve been seeing that and wondered what it meant.

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Any thoughts on which rides are realistic to think we can reach during that short 4-4:30 window? It has been a couple years since we’ve been to WDW and we’ve never done MVMCP. I’m thinking maybe Space Mountain or 7DMT. We don’t have a day ticket (this is our only WDW day on this trip) so our booking window is just 30 days out). Is 7DMT still a hard one to get?

I couldn’t get 7DMT at 60 days, so I wouldn’t count on it at 30 days. I just did our FP reservations for our arrival day party day and I got 3:25 jungle (jingle) cruise, 4:25 BTMRR, and 5:25 Splash.

You won’t get 7DMT. This was day 60 for me as we fly in that day and go to the party that night. We got Peter Pan for 3:25, Winnie the Pooh for 4:25, and Pirates of Carribean for 5:30.

The Jungle Cruise is the Jingle Cruise even before the party right? I got a FP+ for 5:10pm but wanted to make sure it was the seasonal decorations :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it’s jingle cruise full time once the Christmas decorations go up.

Because we’ve been at Christmas time, but never to the party before, and we’ve had it as a jingle cruise


If you’re in line before 4pm and tap in right at 4 then you should be able to make it to any ride before 4:30 if you don’t stop to shop or take pictures or whatever. I don’t think it takes 30 minutes to walk to any ride, even if you’re not a fast walker. They’ll give you your party wristband right at the entrance, so you don’t have to worry about doing that separately.

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Agree that it shouldn’t take that long to walk to any ride, and I think you technically have a 10 minute grace period after your fast pass ends, so really you would have till 4:40 if your fastpass was from 3:30 to 4:40.

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Thanks! Last time I was WDW with a three year old but my husband was the one who slowed us down. It felt like it took an hour to walk from Frontierland to Tomorrow Land. We’re ditching him this time. :grin: We’ve only allowed him to do DL since.

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