Mvmcp 2019!

Can we start a thread on this? Is it too early?

When are you going?
Have you gone before?
What are your goals?
What will you avoid?

Anything else you want to say and share!!!

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We’re going 12/15 and 12/17. We thought about going 12/19 because the crowd level during the day is 3 (vs 5 on the 15th), but it’s one of the last parties of the year so I assume it will be busier than the other two.

Our goal is to be at MK during the least busy times, so we use a regular ticket plus party ticket to spend all day there on party days. I know that might seem like a waste, but for us, it’s worth it. We get super low crowds in the morning, then the magic of snow on Main Street at night.

The only hurdle is planning those long days with a an almost 3 and 6 year old. We tried taking the bus back to our hotel for a midday break last time we were at DW, but it took so freaking long—between waiting for buses to show up and the drive, we probably spent two hours just commuting, and then our daughter was too wired to sleep. We ended up letting her nap in the stroller instead near the end of the trip. I think we will probably do the same thing this time just to keep things simple.

I do think we will experiment with taking breaks on our two Epcot days, because we can take the gondola back to Pop. There’s just no easy way to get back to your resort from MK if you aren’t on the monorail. Even Lyft / Uber doesn’t really help because you have to walk over to Contemporary.

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I am going with my SIL and 2 nephews the week of Dec 7-14, they want to go twice, I will probably only go once with them and let them go themselves the other. Their plan had been Dec 8 and Dec 13 but we’ve held off on buying until I can figure out what we do with RotR opening.

I’ve never gone, so I would love to get ideas and advice. They have, and I think their focus is more the party and extras than the rides, which would be mine too.

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Going 12/3 this year. Gonna try Tony’s Most Merriest Town Square Party this year. I have never had a good spot to see the parade on Main St.


I am going 12/8! I went in 2013 or 2014? This year I am going to Universal with my sister and niece (RPR-CL) for three nights but we added a CC night and MVMCP to the end of the trip. I loved the party my first time and I am very excited about this!


We are going on 11/14, I believe. I plan to buy tickets next week after some rewards mature. Our trip is 11/11-11/21.
I’ve never been to WDW for Christmastime, though we were once there 11/1-11/10 and saw a few Christmasy things (tree outside DHS & Scrooge McDuck) and always hoped to visit for Christmastime. DD mentioned her someday wish last August and we’re making it happen. I’m so excited.
It’s going to be me, my four girls (6,9,13,15) my mom and sister.
DD15 wants to meet Jack Skellington. It may be that my sister and she queues for that while we do other things???

I really want to see the parade, the Tomorrowland show, and the snow.

I don’t expect to ride rides. I’m not opposed to it. I just feel like we might run out of time.

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I’m toying with this idea too. But for 5 people, 2 of them little, it’s probably not worth the price. I really like the idea of it though.

We are going 12/5 and the plan is to focus on shows, parade, and fireworks. We are eating at BOG at 4:30 and will probably ride one or two rides before the party really gets started. No plan for meet and greets.

We are going! First time ever! We originally were doing 12/10, but since we’re doing a split stay now we may move it earlier in the week to add in more resort time @ BC.

Other options for us are 12/3, 12/5, 12/6 & 12/8. Since RotR opens on 12/5 do we think it will be crazy or dead at the party that night? Which party would you pick?

We will have 3 littles in tow, so planning to see Moana, maybe princes & princesses, Mary Poppins & Bert. Then do the castle lighting, parade & fireworks. I doubt we will make it until midnight, but who knows!

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I hadn’t even considered that RotR might have an effect. Oh well, already have my tickets in hand!

I can’t figure out WDW travelers. To me, I’d think that would make the party lighter, or at least as “light” as normal for 12/5. I wouldn’t think it’d be busier.

Haven’t decided yet, but planning on 12/12 or 12/13 (I think those are the dates, or one over either side). 2 members of our party aren’t sure if they are going to arrive with the rest of us, so we may even delay to 12/15 so they can go, too. For 6 adults, it would get really spendy to do Tony’s as well, but boy am I tempted.

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We are planning on going December 5, with a late brunch at Chef Mickey’s beforehand, and then arriving at 16:00. I went ahead and splurged on Tony’s Most Merriest Town Square Party (I hate not having a good parade spot). Only character meet and greet that is a must is the 7 Dwarfs and Goofy Santa. We also want to see Mickey’s Most Merriment Celebration and the Frozen Castle. Otherwise lots of treat stations and hopefully low wait for rides.


The cost is an easier pill to swallow with just 2 of us. We have a 3:00 Tusker ADR, so we can fill up then and hopefully use The party for dinner. They seem to have enough real food to cover a meal and still have room for all the desserts. May have to sneak in a snack before the 9:30 start.
We too will focus on the parade and shows.


I decided not to do Tony’s. This is our only Disney day and they want to do some rides. We will get in at 2 with my DVC and we are eating at BOG at 4:45. I decided to add Bon Voyage for breakfast and EP resort Christmas decorations instead of Tony’s.


I was going to start out by saying this is a “budget trip” for me, but honestly… they all are. It’s just that we usually have thousands of rewards points to treat ourselves with and we have less than $500 worth for this upcoming trip. I’ve never done any add-on’s so even doing the party is a giant treat for me. Our normal “extras” are character meals.

I’m getting a little concerned with so many posts hinting at poor fireworks viewing without a party ticket. We’ve never, ever had trouble finding a good spot for the parades and fireworks without a party and I’m getting worried that my traditional plans won’t work.

I’m so excited about the party. Honestly, my original plan for this trip was just to come down for four nights and do the party twice and no other parks, but then we got a great deal on the tickets and away we went.

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We are only planning one MK day (other than the party) for our whole 10 days in Florida so I am going on a party day, too, even though it’s a shorter day. It’s early in the trip, unfortunately. I should have found a way to do that early night further in. The lower crowds will hopefully let us enjoy our favorites and some others with only one day there.

I have never had an issue finding a spot for fireworks during the party. If I remember correctly there was a show, Mickey’s celebration, or something like that right before the fireworks. After the show many people left so it was very easy to move closer to the castle. We ended up just off center of the walt and mickey statue.

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We are going down 11/22 and will start off the vacation at the Party at 4 PM. We will stay at a hotel a little closer so we can sleep in and the kids will be rested enough to stay up later.

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Considering getting tickets to the 11/24 party, but that would change my plans significantly. What should I do @mousematt?

I’m hoping to go 11/14 or 11/15, but I think 11/15 will be busier (maybe sell out), so I’m aiming for 11/14. I’m waiting to buy a ticket though - only a few parties sold out last year and much closer to their dates.

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