Mutiple reservations need to cancel

I tried posting on chat but I didn’t seem to get answer that anyone was 100% sure on so hoping someone might be able to help me out. I am an AP holder and I have a pop resi. for 09/03-09/11 and also an AoA resi. for 09/04-09/12 (wasn’t sure which days we could go yet). Now I made my FPP and I want to cancel my earlier POP reservation. I am 33 days out from my AOA trip any issues with my FPP if I cancel my POP reservation? When I tried to cancel a note popped up saying I could lose all my fast passes but was not sure how that worked.

Do you have dining on your reservations? Is there any reason you have to cancel before day 30?

yes I also have dining and no I have a room only so I could wait until 30 days not a problem. I just noticed I asked this question a couple of months ago so sorry for the duplication. Do you think I will have any issues with my FFP or dining now if I just wait until 30 days???

If you have dining, did you book with Disney? Dining should have converted your reservation to a package and you would have that 30 day cancelation rule. I would be really concerned and cancel right at day 30. Once you hit your reservation day, every day before it will open as an AP booking day.

sorry my confusion when you said dining I thought you just meant ADR’s. no I don’t have any dining plan just room only. Was really just concerned with my FPP

OH! Then wait! You can cancel up to 5 days before! It may take them 10 days to refund your deposit but just to make sure they do not mess you up and cancel your FPs cancel at day 29! In theory you should be able to cancel now but it just feels safer!

great thanks for the advice