Must-see Night Shows

My family and I will be at Disney World June 8-14th. I have my schedules pretty much planned for our days in the parks. I don’t want to wear out my kids or myself and my husband by staying ALL day in the parks. I do have breaks during the day if we need them. If we were to leave one of the parks in the afternoon, which parks do you recommend returning to in order to see the night show/fireworks?

I love Wishes, like Fantasmic, don’t like Illuminations and haven’t seen the Jungle Book show. But you will really get a range of answers to this one.

Wishes is a great show, and if you’ve never seen it, you really should. I’ve seen it enough times that I typically skip the hassle of getting and defending a spot on Main Street to see it - which is really the only place to see the show as it was meant to be seen.

Ditto for Fantasmic; very good show, but unless I get a dining package, or are willing to wait around for the second show (when they have one) I typically skip it.

The SW fireworks at DHS are pretty spectacular; they’re easier to see and a good alternative if you don’t want to deal with the MS mob scene for Wishes.

Illuminations is my personal favorite; I never skip it.

The new JB show looks good on video, but if you don’t have a FPP or a dining package, it might be very difficult to see.

What ages are your kids? Have you ever been before? If this is your first visit, I vote for MK because it is so classic, plus there are three nighttime things: MSEP, Celebrate the Magic (projections on castle just before Wishes), and Wishes. Plus I like the way MK looks at night, and some rides are neat at night. If you can hang in there for two nights, I’d add one at HS to catch Fanstasmic!, and the fireworks (which get rave reviews). I don’t care for Illuminations as much.

Thanks for the feedback! This is our first time. My kids are 9, 8, and 6. We will definitely do MK night shows! I guess if we needed an early bedtime one day just to get rest, which park would be the one to skip?

Skip completely?!? I hope you mean to just skip any evening things, and to make it an early night.

My kids are 11, 7 and 4 and I second @mkmuzzy’s suggestions completely.

Just a note about Fantasmic! That is a long show. it can take up to an hour of your night from lining up, getting a seat, and then the show. The show itself is about 30 minutes. It can be a bit scary for little ones.

It’s good, but I look forward to not going to it next time.


mkmuzzy- yes, just skip the evening for an early night.

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Wishes makes me cry every time, live or remotely. So that. For sure.

And evidently Jungle Book. Pics of that tree at night are swoon-worthy, so that alone makes AK at night a must-do

The Star Wars fireworks are reportedly the best on property at this time.

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I agree that the Jungle Book looks like it would be pretty awesome to watch. I think I decided that instead of doing a half-day at AK starting in the morning, we will sleep in and relax in order to do an afternoon to late night so we can definitely catch the Jungle Book!

I’m thinking you won’t be alone in your planning this way. Thus I wonder if it would be wiser to have an early start, break mid-day, and return in the mid-late afternoon to hang in for the rest of the night.

Yes, I agree. I have a plan for a morning start and a late afternoon start. :slight_smile: If we are feeling good and ready to go, then we’ll do the morning option.

I also cry at Wishes…

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