Must have for a disney trip?

I am planning on bringing a bag full of needs. Are there anythings that are must haves. For example, ponchos, change of shoes/clothes, snacks, water, ect


For your park bag?
ziplock bag to put phone/wallet in for water rides or in the event it rains
autograph book with a good, FAT pen for the characters

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ziplock baggy for the autograph book (ask me how I know!!! don’t get caught in the rain!!)

CONFIRMATION emails from Disney Dining. Ugh - this was a big deal last trip. they had a hard time finding at least 50% of my reservations in their system.

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I have supplies in my Disney bag- mole skin, scissors, nail clip, bandaids

Whatever type of medicine cures a headache for you. Excedrin, ibuprofen, etc. All that sun gave me headaches.

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Sunscreen, magic band, and smartphone (in a ziploc for water protection). Tour light and agile.

This is one of the best lists I’ve found:

chapstick and clorox wipes (bleach is important)

curious, why the bleach wipes?

Lots of germs at WDW. Wipe down the QS tables, wipe hands often. Came home with the flu this trip. I even lysol the TV remote and bath fixtures in the room right when I enter.

you sound like my wife, she’ll appreciate this one thanks

I also really like Zylast. It’s CDC approved for protection against Norovirus which is prevalent at WDW. Way better than Purell.

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External phone battery.

And patience.

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Gum if you ate a gum chewer.

Any needed meds
Some sorr of general pain reliever
Rain gear
Phone charger
Plastic bags

Frequent visitor to the parks here:

Here’s what I bring:

Patience and flexible expectations

A little piece of paper in my pocket that has my FP appointments on it, so I don’t have to keep pulling out my phone to look.

Camera and extra batteries (I know cellphones have cameras but I’m a Disney blogger and I prefer it)
Snacks (several granola bars per person and a large bag of cut up apples rinsed in lemon juice)
Change for smashed pennies
a couple bandaids (someone always bumps into something)
a light jacket
cellphone (of course)

That’s it!!!

I have found the lighter I pack the better

I rarely need sunblock but will bring it if I have anyone who burns easily

I used to bring ponchos and all of that other stuff, but I found packing light made the day much more enjoyable


Pack Patience!!! It is the happiest place on earth - but it is crowded, there are lines and there are some people that don’t play nicely with others. If you can pack your patience and remember how lucky you are that you are able to actually go to WDW - you will have a better time!!


If you are old like me and still wear a watch, make sure the battery is good! Last trip, my watch battery died, and believe it or not, I could not find one on property! I ended up having to buy a new watch. (Perhaps Disney plans it this way?)

What do you do with your nice camera when not using it or on rides?

my wife has a small backback where we put the good camera. We take it on all the rides - no real ride in (except Kali) that it would get wet from being in the backpack. We take it on all the rides as it is small enough (and she is small enough) that everything fits

Fat Sharpies that click rather than have caps. I had read that suggestion before our last trip and brought several colors. Got the thumbs up on them from several characters. It makes it much easier for them to sign autographs.

Body Glide to prevent chaffing on feet, thighs, etc. It is available at most sporting goods stores.

Eye Drops - in case it is windy and eyes get dried out or if there is pollen or dust in the air - especially if you wear contacts.