MUST eats?

Looking for suggestion of foods that you just love and are must-haves on your trips to DW! What is it and where can I get it? (Really looking for foods that aren’t at sit down restaurants!!) TY!


Any of several things at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. I love the croque monsieur especially.
The ham & prosciutto waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow.
The lamb shawarma from Tangierine Cafe.
Chips & guacamole from La Cantina.
Pot Roast Mac n Cheese from Friar’s Nook.

I’m more of a savory person…are you looking for sweets too?
It’s always great to get an ice cream from the Plaza. The smell of the waffle cones is hypnotic.

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Favorite snacks: Dole whip float at Aloha Island, in MK
Mickey ice cream bar, any park
waffle bowl sundae at Starbucks/bakery in MK

Lunch: barbecued chicken at Flame Tree Barbecue in AK
Lobster roll at Columbia Harbor House in MK

Dinner: Boma,



Yum!! This is exactly what I was looking for!!

My faves include -

Tonga toast from Captain Cooks at the Polynesian.

Sweet cream cheese pretzel from the lunching pad in MK.

Jalapeño cheese pretzel from the little kiosk in the US pavilion in Epcot.

Peanut butter banana and candied bacon pie from boardwalk bakery.

Cronut from refreshment port in Epcot.

Carrot cake cookie from Sweet Spells in HS.

It’s not on the menu at the moment, but I really hope it comes back - frankfurter in pretzel roll from Min and Bills in HS.

The full montagu sandwich from earl of sandwich in Disney springs.


Mickey Ice Cream Bar. Pretzel Bread at Le Cellier. Cupcakes at GF & Poly quick service were excellent.

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[quote=“disney1974, post:2, topic:20811”]
ham & prosciutto waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow.
[/quote]so sad they took that off the menu!

Boulangerie-Patisserie is a wonderful res-bit. I honesty have nothing that is a MUST eat. I find most of the food is made for mass appeal and by doing so - lacks flavor. There is nothing like having a MICKY BAR though.

How could I forget Zebra domes?! I have only ever had them from the Boma buffet restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge, but they also have them in packs of 6 in the Mara food court.

I love the chicken pot pie donner at chh in the mk. That has become a must for me

I am more of a sweets person! Can you tell?

#1 Mickey Bar
Butterfinger Cupcake
Tonga Toast
Salted Carmels (Chocolate covered) from Germany
Flame Tree Barbecue
I really enjoyed the steak at Mama Melroses last time.
Pretzel bread at Le Cellier dipped in the Cheddar soup!


What is CHH?

Columbia Harbor House

Wait, when? I’ll just mention that it wasn’t on the menu when we went last month but I asked if there was anything savory for breakfast offerings. The nice gentleman said they had the ham & prosciutto. I was psyched. It was actually the only reason we went into MK that morning!
So, don’t hesitate to ask if you’re there.

The No Way Jose sundae at Beaches & Cream. This can be purchased at the take-out window if you don’t want to make ADR for sit down. It is a sharing size!

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They removed the chicken one as well! They are only keeping the Nutella one. They said the lines were too long :unamused:

Hmmm…interesting problem to have. I’ve never heard them say the lines were too long on Space Mountain :smirk: The product was too desirable so they pulled it. Strange logic.