Must-dos? A last minute Christmas trip

Y’all, I’m so excited. I realized last week that I had some travel agent benefits that were only good through end of 22, so I booked a short trip to the magic. I’ve never been at Christmas as this is my busiest time of year at work, but figured out how to make it work! We will be staying in Gran Destino tower at Coronado Springs - a new resort for us.

Current plans:

12/15 - arrive MCO early morning (cheaper flight), Lyft to drop bags at Gran Destino, then bus to MK. Hop on monorail to tour monorail resorts and see trees/gingerbread, plus a cocktail at each. Dinner tapas at Toledo

12/16 - Epcot - only ride goal is getting DH on Guardians, so will probably try for both a VQ and ILL. Rest of day wandering the world/snacking/drinking and hoping to hear a bit of CP with NPH as we walk by… I’d love to see him do it, but don’t want to wait in the lines required. If we can get a walk up Garden Grill or Regal Eagle we will though to see it.

12/17 - MK - only goal is to soak up park atmosphere! We do have a Skipper Canteen reservation because it’s our favorite, but other than that will be a wandering and enjoying type of day.

12/18 - early flight home

Crowds are going to be heavy, but we are super excited to have this trip! Having never been at Christmas, what would you suggest as must-dos/must-sees that don’t require a lot of advance planning? Trip is just me and DH.


On your MK day maybe boat over to Wilderness Lodge for a lunch at Roaring Fork. Check out the lobby Christmas decorations.

This is from December 2020


Ooohk, good idea - are the boats running from Contemporary to WL again, does anyone know? We could go on our monorail loop as the last stop?

Sadly not. Although a couple of launches have been seen recently docking at the Contemporary, raising hopes that maybe they were pilots in training. You’d need to go to MK and take the boat from there.

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Gran Destino is gorgeous at Christmas! :heart_eyes:

On your Epcot Day you can also check out the trees/gingerbread at the Crescent Lake resorts. Does Riveria do anything? You could skyline over there too.

It’s a bit out of the way, but the decorations at Ft. Wilderness are so much fun to check out. We rented a golf cart for a day and also did the sleigh ride for the experience. Not sure if there would be availability for either at this point, but I consider it worth looking into.


That’s why I was thinking a lunch break from MK. But if the resort launches are running that’d work.

I love the WL gift shop too.

Fort Wilderness campsite decorations - by guests - are amazing. I don’t think non guests can rent carts. You can ride the interior bus. You could leave the bus, walk a loop and get on again.

Crockett’s Tavern in the Pioneer Hall area - right after the Marina - is a favorite of ours especially if it’s warm enough to sip your beverage in a rocking chair on the porch.

I’d say hit Beach/Yacht and Boardwalk during your Epcot day or arrival day and you are set.


We were able to in 2019, but it may have changed since then.


They rent so quickly! We felt lucky scoring a cart when we stayed at the Fort in December 2006. I think we rented a early as possible. :smile:

We brought a diy lighted Mickey head for the back of the cart.

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It was stopped earlier this year, or late last year. Ertainly sometime since re-opening. Only guests staying at the campsite or the FW cabins can rent from Disney now.

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