Must Do Disney with Stacy

I am sure the answer is no but can we watch Stacy on the TVs at the Swan? It is one of my favorite things to do during hotel rest time. Thanks!

I’m not sure. I would think so. If not you can stream it to a laptop or tablet. I use Google Chromecast to get it on my TV! :heart_eyes:


As I was checking out of my room at POP, having stayed 5 nights, it occurred to me that I had not thought to turn the TV on once during my entire trip. This is very odd behavior for me as normally when traveling, turning the TV on is the first thing I usually do when I get in the room…

Yes, Stacy is on at the Swan. My children would revolt without her.


Its just not Disney without Stacy telling what we should do lol


For the Stacey junkies this is a sample of what you can find on Youtube (the screen said 9,600 items found…)

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