Must do dining at walt Disney world

I am lucky to be having my first experience next year at disneyworld using the dining plan for deluxe hotels staying at wilderness lodge! Very excited!

We will be there for fourteen nights, two adults. Can people tell me there favourite restaurants that we should try, in your opinion? Any ideas greatly appreciated in the parks or resorts, ones we should not miss then we will start booking :smile:

Oh you are going to see a lot of different answers but some of the most popular are Be our Guest, California grill, biergarten, flying fish, le cellier, raglan road, and narcoossee’s.

Booking should be done at 180 days.

Be our Guest is one of the hardest to get. As well as O’hana

Sanaa, Jiko, California Grill, Artist Point are good and see a lot of love.

We like Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner at MK and pre-Rd breakfast at Crystal Palace, also at MK (for great empty Main Street pics). O’hana is yummy. Dinner at 1900 Park Fare at GF with Cinderella, Lady Tremaine and the step-sisters is tons of fun if you want to do a character meal… Yes, it’s OK for just adults to do. :slight_smile:

This is my first ever use of a forum! Thank you for your quick response. I’ll start researching these.

Thanks again

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When I was planning our trip last year, I found it really helpful to consider restaurants in groups by location. So look at the monorail resort restaurants and Magic Kingdom restaurants as one group. Read the general blurbs in the Unofficial Guide or at Disney Food Blog and choose your top 3. Repeat for Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Boardwalk, Beach/Yacht Club area restaurants are accessible from both Epcot and Hollywoid Studios, so there are lots of options for park days there. You’re going to have so many great chances to eat well over 14 days!

Sanaa, Jiko, Kona for breakfast! I think I’ll add more in the next couple of months.

Also read the menus to see what you think your family would like. Also I whole heartedly recommend Boma for breakfast.

our favorites are CG, Jiko, Citricos

Boma is my favorite buffet on property. :slight_smile:

For a great in-the-park option, I highly recommend Tusker House at AK. It’s a character meal, also, but totally fine for just adults to do. A pre-rope drop reservation would be great here!

The Wave at the Contemporary resort is, in my opinion, underrated. We had an excellent meal there, and I think it’s a one credit. We did dinner, but I have heard great things about their breakfast buffet as well.

I think that Le Cellier is overrated and overpriced. Many other restaurants on property have great steak.

Flying Fish is my favorite restaurant that I have tried so far, and the location on the Boardwalk is a lot of fun.

In truth, every restaurant has its fans and detractors. I agree with @SallyEppcot about thinking about location and choosing that way. Getting around property can take a lot longer than you expect!

Oh, and I almost forgot - Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue!! SO much fun, tasty food, and a totally different dining experience!

I haven’t seen Artist Point mentioned enough, and I’d highly recommend it, especially since it’s in your lobby.

I highly recommend Le Cellier, Sanaa, Flying Fish, California Grill, and Tutto Gusto (no reseys taken). If you are up for a splurge I would definitely do Victoria & Albert’s!

Overpriced I’ll give you, but the food was among the best I have ever had at WDW. I would argue that the filet mignon was among the best I have had anywhere… and I love steak :smile:

Le Cellier is priced to be a top end steakhouse, and is definitely well on par with many of the steakhouse chains like Ruth’s Chris. Personally, I think it’s far from the best steak I’ve ever had but it is definitely very good.

Thank you all for helping so far.

I have been to Disneyworld several times and the last visit we had quick service meal plan.

As I said this is my first with the regular deal and had not idea how many restaurants there were to choose from!! We were lucky to get the free dining plan.

Decisions decisions.

Your suggestions will help me when we start completing our online booking in a few weeks and I am grateful. “My disney experience” another new challenge


In general, I would say that most WDW restaurants are overpriced when compared to similar restaurants outside of The World. Therefore, when trying to determine “must do dining”, I look for something that I cannot easily get back home in order to “justify” the additional expense, and many WDW restaurants (like Le Cellier) just do not have anything that unique or interesting for me.

One restaurant that stands out in my mind is La Hacienda - upscale Mexican food unlike anything I can get at home. Plus you can watch IllumiNations from there with a well-timed reservation. :smile:

For us it’s the opposite. We have more Mexican restaurants than any other kind around. In fact we’re sort of specifically avoiding that type of food while there.

You MUST DO HOOP DEE DOO REVIEW!!! The experience is only to be found at WDW. Please book the 6pm show - it’s way more fun when the place is packed. In fact, if you go and don’t absolutely love it, send me a note and I will reimburse you the equivalent dollar value of your DDP credits. I have made that personal guarantee dozens of times and no one has asked for their money back.

@MagicMN agree with u, Hoop Dee Doo is a must, its the only thing the husband insists that we book, love it, this time we are going to go to the 4.30 one with the hope to catch the film with chip and dale. Don’t think we will be doing smores though lo.
I would also say try The fountain, which is at The Dolphin hotel, Amazing burgers and an ice cream parlour IMHO better than Beaches and Cream