Murphy bed weight limit

The new style beds, the murphy beds, that disney is using in the value resorts, do they have a weight limit?

Not that I am aware of. They go all the way to legs on the floor, they aren’t suspended.

There was just a situation where a Murphy bed collapsed on a guest about a week or so ago. They then told everyone in the resort not to use the beds until they were inspected. I believe they provided air mattresses or something.

However, I think this was only at the newest resorts…perhaps an installation issue. I haven’t heard what the end result was of that. From what I saw, though, the value resorts weren’t impacted.

Anyone have additional info?

That was the twin-sized hang off the wall (like at POFQ, CBR, and maybe some other places - so it is not like they don’t know how to do it). The ones at the AllStars are like the ones at Pop and more stable. They don’t hang.

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Ah. Thanks for the clarification. The articles I saw didn’t have that detail!

It was also the queen size ones in the Riviera tower rooms although I think it was an installation issue, not weight related.

Oh, I had only seen that it was the small ones that actually fell. I had not seen the Queen ones falling.

Yes. That was where one collapsed on a lady.

They shut down the queen beds over the sofas in the refurbed rooms at SSR and Riviera Tower rooms. At the Riviera that is the only bed in the room! I heard Len on a couple of podcasts reviewing the Riviera and I think he described the Tower rooms as the “worse rooms on property”. Imagine a room that cost between $350-600 a night and not even having a bed? I think they fixed them quickly!


I hope they reimbursed those folks for those nights.

We are booked in a 1 BR @ Riviera for our upcoming stay in March. Did Len have criticism of the 1BR villas? Do you know if the Murphy bed situation has been resolved?

The beds have all been fixed. Len said great things about the 1 bedrooms.


Technically it was larger than those ones. The DVC villas have a lbigger Murphy bed which is designed for adults to sleep on too. I think it’s 68 inches long instead of the 63 inches.

But again, these are the same ones they have at studios in many DVC resorts.

Thank you!