Murphy Bed Availability at CBR

Is anyone aware of a resource that specifically lists the rooms at CBR that do and do not have murphy beds? I am preparing to submit my room request fax and wanted to be as specific as possible. TIA!

This came up last year at some point, and I don’t believe there is a definitive list of rooms with Murphy beds.

I can say that we stayed in Aruba building 51, 2nd floor and I believe was either room 5150 or 5151 and it had the murphy bed.

I just looked at my old fax I sent as a request and I had asked for building 52 rooms using the TP suggested text. (Was before they had their own fax service going.)

Hopefully if you include info in the fax that you would like the murphy, it’ll help. If you’ve got 5 in your party, seems to me they have to give you one or it won’t work. We only had 4 in room and kids traded off - was a big hit.

Daughter told me on last night it was my turn, but at my height I told her I’d hang over and I’d be turning the TV with my toes all night every time I rolled over. :wink:

Good luck!

Thank you!

Are those Murphy beds not as long as a twin bed, then?

I think they’re shorter. At yourfirstvisit dot net, they have exact sizes of every bed (I like that site for research but they have an overwhelming level of detail :slight_smile: )