Muppets at Disney?

Does anyone know if there is any Muppets-related merchandise in WDW, and if so…where do I look? I know that there are a couple of Muppetish things to do, but I’m also hoping to bring home some goodies.

There are a couple of shops in/near Muppets’ Coutyard. I’m sure one of them sells Muppets stuff, they certainly used to.

I’m just slightly hesitant because obviously SoA was demolished and some shops have been closed recently.

Hopefully someone who’s been recently can confirm.

The “Stage 1 Company Store” in the Muppet Courtyard would be your best bet. When I search the Shopping app it shows 11 items for Muppets, 10 of which are “In Store Only”. Mix of shirts, hats, Miss Piggy Plush, a mug and a Cel. I know they also offer a lot of Muppets pins.

Here’s the precise info on the Store:


I seem to recall a store with some Muppet Christmas ornaments and such . Not sure if it is the same place.

Awesome, I will definitely be stopping here!

Concur with @Damavs that this is your best bet. Easy access from PizzaRizzo or from the exit of MuppetVision3D. I was just there a couple weeks ago and it has by far the biggest muppet selection.