Muppets 3D

I just got through my FastPass Day, and had excellent success! I have to thank DH, he basically grabbed 90% of the FastPasses, as Disney did not appear to like my laptop or phone.

The only FP+ we didn’t get? Muppet Vision 3D… It said there were no FP+ available for it. We checked several times. Now… do you think there just weren’t many available because it’s not really a show you need a FP+ for?

My concern is that it could be a sign of it not being open during our trip Jan 25-Feb 1. I haven’t heard anything about it being under refurbishment… but now I’m worried! This is DH’s first trip ever to WDW, and he loves the Muppets, so it would be a shame for him to miss out.

I think a lot of people grab it as their second tier 2, but it should still have plenty of availability. I’d keep checking. I don’t see anything about a refurb or closure either.


There have been reports this week it is not available as a FP. It could be like PhilharMagic?

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Thanks guys, I’ll keep trying. Obviously it’s not a necessity, but it’s a FP+ we would actually use.

Today was my FP day too, and I saw the same thing. I’m hoping that it’s not closed while we are there, but it’s possible that they stopped pretending people ever need a FP for it.

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Muppets is available through Jan 25 but then nothing for Jan 26-Feb 8. Full availability again starting Feb 9.
Our dates are Jan 28-Feb 6. Our HS days are so hard to plan for due to the FastPass situation there. Star Tours is literally the only ride in the 2nd tier that ever actually benefits from having a FP. They really need to allow 2 tier 1s.

Oh no… i’m going to be really really bummed if it’s not open when we are there. We will be there January 25, but that is our arrival day. We are planning to be at Epcot. Wondering if we should swing by HS on the way over…

This is a complete and accurate statement :grin:

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I don’t think they have FP for Muppets sometimes? They didn’t when we went in May, and we saw it.

Since I’m allergic to waiting that must mean you don’t really need a FP, anyway. It’s really cute, your DH will love it.

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That’s great news! Yes, it’s a great show. I can’t wait to see what he thinks!

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