Muppet Vision 3D

Okay, what is up with MV3D? We have always been able to walk in for this show in the past. I get that the FPP tier program is throwing people into shows at HS, but 30 days out and you can’t get any FPP for MV3D. I don’t want a FPP for this, but I did want to see it. Is the lack of FPP an indication of how hard it will be to walk into this show?

No, it’s just really popular as a Tier 2 FPP to scan and go elsewhere. I’ve heard they moved the FPP taps further inside, so it’s not as easy to scan and run. It’s still very easy to walk in to see.

I’m wondering if it will be under refurb? If you look at FP availability- starting 1/26 it says Distribution Done, but all days prior have lots of availability. I noticed too when I was booking it wasn’t there. Usually use it as a throw away.

Edit to add, after 2/8 there is availability again. Coincidentally the two weeks I am there :joy:

I don’t know where the taps were originally, but when we were there in mid-December, the taps were just inside the door of the FPP entrance.

Ah yes, now that you mention refurb, that reminds me that this was discussed here recently. Muppet*Vision 3D FP not available on February 7 . I don’t recall any definitive explanation.

Drat…I really love this show. I changed our plans to do Epcot on the 8th (our last day) because the CL is so high at HS on the 8th. Now I wonder if we should change our plans so my kids can see this show?

You will have NO problem being able to walk in to see the show. NONE. There was a five minute wait all day yesterday. Empty seats in ours. As someone mentioned, people use it as a throwaway fast pass. They just scan and run so they can get more.

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So it is not under refurb as some have suggested? It is just not getting FPP because of the lower crowds as posted in another topic thread. Yea!!!

No. I think people grab those fast passes FIRST because they are easy to get rid of quickly without going on the ride so you can get more teir 1 rides.

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And I hope it slows down before you are there. Wait times are awful. Look at my thread below to see my full day report.

Yeah… I’ve been asking in multiple outlets why this is and no one seems to have an answer

Agreed. Plus, it’s so close to Star Tours that you can knock out both Tier 2 FPP in less than one hour using MV3D & ST.

The wait times are awful because if you want to ride For then you MUST get there before rope drop. If you have a number before 70 then you are stuck in the park as you would probably board before lunch. So the majority of the people coming for the day are there at rope drop now. Then they don’t have that many rides only 4 or 5 other ones. So people like my children who have no interest in shows, especially the kiddie kind which is all HS has are in line for those few rides. It is too small a park for the Star Wars stuff. Once they add another 4 or 5 decent rides it may get better.