Multiple Tickets.... did I handle it correctly?

Ok - so there were some similar posts, here, a couple of years ago… I just need some confirmation that I’ve done this properly…

The story is, I bought tickets a couple years ago, and then didn’t use 2 of them. So, I’ve been holding onto them, expecting to get back to WDW. That time is coming!! But, of course, ticket options have changed since then… kids are older… life is different.

I thought I was holding onto 2 4-day tickets, so I bought 2 more, recently. Now I have 4 tickets. Yay! Well, I went to put them all into MDE tonight. Guess what? I have 2 3-day tickets and 2 4-day tickets. Ugh.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll buy 2 MORE 4-day tickets. (How fortunate that I can just DO that!?) I’ll continue to hold onto the 3-day tickets, and some day, I’ll make DH go again. Maybe without the kids. :blush:

My question is this… now, in MDE, I’ve got 2 tickets linked that I absolutely don’t want to use. Since they don’t expire at the end of the year, it’s important that we use up the 4-day tickets first. How do I make sure that happens? I think what I’m going to do is add a new “friend” that’s meant to just hold the tickets. I can reassign those 3-day tickets at will, right? So transferring to-and-from this temporary friend should not be an issue. Right? (I’m nervous, obviously)

When we go, later this year, it’ll only use the tickets assigned to actual people, somehow? Based on names and hotel reservations and magic bands and stuff? How DOES that work?

Is there a way to “hide” that friend so I don’t accidentally assign it FP or something random?


You can get Guest Services to prioritise your tickets to ensure the right ones are used.

I would definitely visit guest services and just let them handle it.

Or add two more fake many members and more the unused tickets to them until you want to use them.

I had a similar situation. A very helpful CM suggested, when I called, to create extra people in my MDE to hold those tickets. Per suggestion, their names were not normal names, in fact they were One One, Two Two, Three Three, and Four Four. A year later when I wanted to use some of them, I simply transfered them to DH and myself. Very easy.

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Thank you! That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. My new family member is named “Ticket Holder”. :smile:

You never had problems with having to prioritize tickets then, right?

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I have a bunch of tickets with varying expiration dates for my upcoming trip. I called guest services, and a hlepdul cast member prioritized them for me.

No, I did not have to deal with prioritizing. I think that is used when a person has multiple active tickets assigned to themselves. Tickets not yet used can be reassigned to others, and moved around as needed until actual use.