Multiple ticket in MDE problems - info I learned

After dealing with issues with having multiple tickets in account and them being used incorrectly - I thought I would share what I have learned. Hope it is helpful. I spoke with 2 separate ticket services reps, and 1 guest relations rep and they all say the same thing so I hope this is true.

  1. Anytime you load a ticket into your MDE account - it can access all of the entitlements in the account - all entitlements are pooled and there is stacking that we cannot see to figure out which is used first. So whether you are using a MB or your hard ticket to enter - both are seeing the exact same pool of information.
  2. So the thought that you can use your hard ticket AP instead of the MB to make sure your AP is used instead of another ticket assigned to you is simply not true. You are at the mercy of the internal stacking that you cannot see.
  3. The ONLY way to make sure tickets are used in the correct order is to go to GS and make sure they prioritize correctly - and then double check after entering because it sometimes is still is not done correctly. Or (if possible) you can reassign the ticket to someone else in your account. Ticket Services Rep said sometimes they actually make up a fake person called “Do Not Use” to assign these tickets to.
  4. In MDE - if you actually click on your ticket, there is an option to “Deactivate”. This ONLY deactivates the hard ticket from being used to enter park - it is really there for lost hard tickets so no one else can use your ticket. This DOES NOT deactivate the entitlements associated with that ticket from being used out of your account. So for all of us that think this is an easy way to make sure AP is used first - it doesn’t work.
  5. Supposedly the reps have heard that sometime in the future there will be an enhancement to the system to let the consumers prioritize the tickets themselves - they don’t know when this will be implemented, but obviously they do recognize the issues this causes.

Another thing - Guest Services Managers at the parks are all powerful. They can do absolutely anything they want with your tickets. I had 2 tickets fall off of my account because they were used instead of AP - I did not realize until I got home, so I was completely dealing with this over the phone - not in person. They actually had a Guest Relations Manager go into these expired tickets, un-expire them and put all of the days back on so now they look completely unused - same original ticket numbers and everything else. They will tell you this is not possible - but it is if you push hard enough.

Hope this is helpful.


Thanks for the info. We’ve got some old non-expiring tickets on our account, and I want to be sure to use up our new tickets before we dip into those, in case we decide to skip a day in the parks. I’d hate to use up the old tickets, then not use all the days on the new tickets, and have them just expire.

Sounds like this is the way to go if you want to try to manage the “stacking” yourself and prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. Thanks for sharing all of this info!