Multiple Sets of Magic Bands

Our family is doing a split stay, the first night we will be at AOA to let the girls experience The Little Mermaid Rooms, then for the rest of our trip we have our actual vacation package where we will stay 6 nights at CSR, meal plan, and our park tickets. Here is my question, we have received a set of magic bands for our hotel only visit since we added it on later AND we received a set for our vacation package, can we use these 2 sets interchangably? Or will the first set ONLY work at AOA, and the second set will work for all of our meals, parks, and second hotel ect…?

Thanks, we have never had 2 sets before so I am not quite sure how it works. :slight_smile:

In theory, since both sets are tied to the same MDE accounts (assuming they are, yes?), they can be used interchangeably.

Both bands can be used at either resort.

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I thought that was true, but my travel agent said no…I’m not so trusting since she told me she would do my FFP for our trip and then forgot. LOL

Glad we can use either set, I feel like my girls will like having 2.

she told me she would do my FFP for our trip and then forgot.

Ouch! It can be so difficult to find a good TA. I’ve only used TAs a couple times, but I have found that I sometimes know more about the parks than they do – thanks to all of the great information here on TP.

Both sets of magic bands will work as long as they are both active on your My Disney Experience and they are active unless you have specified to deactivate them on your account. You can confirm this if you go to your My Disney Experience account. Have a fun trip!!

She has been great before, I logged in the morning after and saw I didnt have FPP selections chosen, I quickly got everything I wanted…I probably would not have been as easy going if everything I wanted was gone. LOL I guess since we added an extra night at the beginning of our trip she didnt realize it changed our FPP day. It took alot for me to give her control, and I quickly learned I wont do that again. haha Very nice, but I dont think she is as intense as me with logging on and getting ADRs and FPP at the moment they open and verifying the day you can make them.

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Just did a similar trip at the beginning of the month, and yes, we used both sets interchangeably. The only hiccup we had with it was when we didn’t have the right magic band for my sons Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game (that get’s linked to the physical band, not the account). Other than that, all of the fastpasses and everything were fine.

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