Multiple rooms

We’ve only been back from our trip for 3 days and I’m already planning the next one. We won’t be back until 2021 but this time my mom and nieces will be joining us! I think the most affordable option and still stay onsite would be 3 rooms at Pop or one of the All resorts. How do you book multiple rooms? If we do this can I get the deluxe dinning plan for just the peeps in one room but use the credits for everyone?

You’ll have to call to book multiple rooms and will need a lead guest for each one.

RE: DDP as of today, that works in nearly all locations (reports are staff at Hollywood and Vine give a good amount of pushback). But what may happen in the future, of that one cannot be certain.

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Our agent said that every room on a single reservation either needed to be on the ddp or off it. So we made 2 separate reservations for the two rooms (planning dxdp for one).

I wonder if it’s likely/ possible to get connecting rooms if they are separate reservations.

Travel agent said she thought it should be possible and she would make a note of it. We’ll see! I’ll report back in mid-August.

Also just a request. Cannot be guaranteed