Multiple room reservations managed by one person

My family and I will be booking our trip in the next couple days. We plan on making our room reservations separately. I will be booking one room for myself, husband, and children. My mom will be booking two rooms (so two different reservations). My question is, will I be able to add their reservations to my Disney experience and assign each person to a room as long as I have their confirmation number? I will be the one making fastpass and dining reservations so I would like everyone on my Disney experience account.

I have my mom’s WDW room reservation on my MDE. It was easy to add using her confirmation number.

I cannot customize her magic band, and I cannot reassign her ticket. She has to do those things.

I am able to make FP+ reservations for her, no problem.

When I make ADR’s, I can list her as one of the guests so that she sees the details on her MDE, but I can’t make ADR’s that she controls. So she can’t change or cancel them, and I’m responsible for the $10/head no show fee.

I think your mom will have to list all the guests in each room when she makes the booking, I don’t think you’ll be able to assign party members to the rooms on your MDE. But I could be wrong.