Multiple Room Finder Requests?

Hey TP folks…I have three reservations (3 rooms) for my family trip in two weeks. Will I be able to use the TP Room Request fax option three times given there are three separate reservation numbers? All the rooms/tix/ are linked on MDE. Or do I only get one shot?

Yes! Just create three trips (one for each room) and you can send a fax for each of them

I have the same issue. Three rooms - three confirmation numbers - one family. Can’t I just add them all on one fax to get the rooms close to each other? If I send in three room requests, am I taking a chance that family will be in different buildings, etc if we don’t get our room preference on fax?

MissBelle has the pixie dust on this one…go to your TP Dashboard and create two additional “trips” under My Trips…same dates just give each one a different reservation #. Then submit the fax for each room selection.

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And if you want the rooms to be close together, just write it in the fax. For my trip where we had two rooms, I wrote: I would like this building and this floor. It would be great if my sister, confirmation #, was really close to us.

And I did the same thing for the other fax request. We ended up a few doors down from each other, which was perfect.


There’s no need to set up 3 requests. Ring Disney with the confirmation numbers, get a ‘travelling together’ number and you can quote that on the one fax. Then ask to all be in the same building or next to each other or whatever you prefer. If you don’t want to ring, just quote the other confirmation numbers in the body of the text instead of the ‘travelling together’ number.


That sounds great! Do you know if that works when the booking don’t start/finish at the exact same dates?

It’s been a while since I dealt with this scenario, but when last I did I just included the second confirmation number in the text field for the Touring Plans room request. We got adjoining rooms on the floor we wanted pretty close to the location we wanted, so this would probably work for you. I think one request with all the information will be easier for the room assigner to handle than three separate requests.

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I don’t to be honest. I don’t know if they’d give you the number in that case. You could just put all the confirmations in the first fax but because of the timings of assigning the rooms, in that case separate faxes might be the way to go.

I just called Disney and got a Travel with number and the CM added it to all three of our reservations. I will use this number in the room request fax. Thank you SO much for this helpful information! You all are the best!