Multiple resort reservations

Just want to verify what a CM told me today…is it possible to hold 2 reservations in MDE for the same time period under the same name? CM says no. What if the second reservation had one extra day?

I have 2 reservations for a trip for 2020 due to needing 2 rooms, but had to make them to separate accounts.

I’ve had 2 reservations on one account when switching from room only to a package, but I only have it on my account that way for a few days.

Oh now, who was it who managed to book the same reservation 6 times last year, when the system was really playing up??? Argh, just can’t recall who it was.

@PrincipalTinker, @OBNurseNH, @missoverexcited - can any of you remember?!

I think you can though. Even though the above example was obviously a glitch!

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You aren’t supposed to be able to.

Sometimes the system will allow it.

But, you do run the risk of losing one/both/all if there is an update and the system cancels whatever reservation overlaps. This is what I was told recently, at any rate.

I’ve done it in the past but I used two different accounts. One under my husband and the other under mine.

I was able to book a DVC reservation when I already had a room but I think those are two different systems? I think a RO and a package may actually work since those are two systems too. I do know someone that had two reservations but Disney cancelled one without notice.


I was just thinking about this. @jeremy1002, any tricks here? Do you have to book in different names? How is it working for you?

Yup, that still works. I currently hold two reservations (well, 4 if you count the ones that I made on behalf of my MIL, but I am not listed under her room) for the same dates. One is made directly via the WDW website and the other through rented DVC points.

But it’s MDE you have to worry about. Assuming you enter both into MDE that is

Sounds like I will have to get happy with one resort reservation or the other. Ugh, I will have to give up my coveted BLT reservation. :cry:

One thought is to change the lead guest on one or the other. It would have to be a person already on the reservation but they will do that. That would be some insurance against auto cancelled

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Thank you all for your help!

I had three reservations that overlapped at one time… i scheduled all before the 180 mark, i just canceled one around the 55 day mark and still have the two. All were room only not packages and were not booked through Disney (but i did link all into MDE ).

All are in MDE and have been for months.

One is a DVC reservation and one is a wdw room only? I think that continues to work. @Rachael.330, do you remember when you made the reservations? I am trying to figure out when this booking issue first came up since these days you cannot do it through wdw even if you call unless you find someone that will do it for you.

I booked all three in early November:
First i did GF for may 12-21.
Then i debated split stay so added BC may 12-15. (Still need to call and have GF shortened). Both of these were room only through 3rd party and i used the code to link to MDE. Then i booked Coronado as leading reservation for may 5-18, this one was after the above two were in MDE and i booked through MDE early November and cancelled last week with no issue.

You only booked one direct through wdw travel? I think that is important.

Can you please explain what a “leading reservation” is? Is it a fake reservation which allows your 60 day FP window to open up earlier? Has Disney closed this loophole?

It has been closed. You would need an overlapping reservation.

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Thanks. Based on your previous post, it doesn’t sound like I can book these both through WDW travel, right?