Multiple Parks in one day without Park Hopper

I currently have 5 days of plans set up. On day 3 (Sunday June 3, 2018), I was considering amending my plan to bounce from MK in the morning to Epcot in the afternoon. I don’t want the expense of Park Hopper. If I buy a 6th day of tickets, can I use a set on MK in the morning, then a second set that same afternoon?


No, you can’t use two different park tickets on the same day. You need to have park hoppers.

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Not unless you bought six separate one-day tickets. Then you could do that.

But not using a multi-day ticket.

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Or I guess you could buy a 5 day ticket and then a single ticket. But that would probably be virtually the same price as the Park Hopper add on, or even more!

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Just to confirm, adding a 1 day ticket is far more ($108) versus adding PH to a 5 day ticket (~$79).