Multiple Memory Makers?

I’ve seen all the recommendations about buying a single Memory Maker for a large group. I’ve got a different question.

Two of the four families in our large family group (from different states) both want to purchase MM for themselves. We’ve already added each other as Friends and Family in MDE. If we get 2 different Memory Maker accounts will that confuse the system? Or will each account get a copy of every single picture taken since any single person in the group is listed as a Friend/Family for both Memory Maker accounts?

Given you are friends in MDE, I don’t think 2 Memory Makers would do anything. Both MM’s would be able to download/access the photos in each others group. My belief is buying it twice would likely work, but be a total waste of ~$150. I think the only way to not get the others pictures would be to not be Friends and Family in MDE which likely causes issues of its own for the planning particularly fast passes.

I would save the money, use 1 MM and just get all the pics in one big download. You can always locally delete the photos of the other families you don’t want if needed…

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