Multiple magic bands

So we are going to WDW in June and received the new Awaken Summer magic bands. We also have Magic bands from several other previous trips. It’s my understanding that as long as those bands are “active” on MDE, we can interchange and use whichever we want on any given day. Is that right? Do I have to do anything to my older Magic bands to update them with the current trip information? And does that mean that all those old magic bands in my drawer have my credit card information on them indefinitely?

No information is stored on the bands. The bands link to your my Disney experience account.

So you can interchange without doing anything.

Have fun!

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You can use the MBs interchangeably but sometimes you have glitches if there are too many active ones associated with a profile. I also have found that sometimes they will work for FPs and tickets but will not open a room door. I deactivated all but three of mine for my last trip and the three were associated with that triple split stay. Only one worked on the door.

I have also been told you can switch/use them all anytime throughout your trip but have also heard sometimes they glitch and don’t always work as room keys.

I used 3 magic bands interchangeably during my trip this month. The only issue I found was with Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom -a cast member told me that the game linked to a magic band and not to a MDE account.

In April, I had my band from November. At one of the restaurants the CM didn’t have a portable scanner to pay the bill at the table. I had my prior baND in my purse and handed it to the CM and they came back with the receipt to sign. I haven’t tried my band from 2013. That may be too old to work.