Multiple FPP for same time with different party groups

My children are 3, 9, 14 and 15 so age ranges are wide; therefore, We have different fast passes. In regards to creating touring plans, Is it best to just omit the Fast passes for my older two boys, since the rest of us have the same fast passes, that way the touring plan will make more sense? There are times when the two different fast passes are made for the same time or overlap and the touring plans doesn’t take into account that we are only spending 1 hour, not two. Hope that makes sense.

Also, for Animal Kingdom, we are going on an Early morning magic hour day mid September. We were able to get FP for Navi and FOP; however, not until later in the day. We would like to try to rope drop these two to get them over with early and also see the queuing area. Is this a wise idea? And how would I indicate this in the touring plan? Our first FP would be at the safari’s at 10:05.

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For the times when you split, I would figure out which one will take longer and use that in the TP and then put a note on there (boys will go to ?other ride? and meet us back at ?whatever place?).

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How did you get Navi & FOP on the same day?
As far as RDing, you just indicate you are going to be using EMH, then I would put them both in as the first two rides and evaluate instead of optimize. I think that FOP is still a very long wait at RD unless you get there VERY early and are at the front of the pack.
Navi however should be a walk on at RD.

I have a little one that doesn’t meet FOP height requirements, I got a Navi FP for he and I, while my husband and older kids do FOP, then I will go on FOP with a child swap. I was thinking with it being September and getting there around 7am for an 8am opening, we would be able to ride FOP with a shorter wait