Multiple FastPass/Dining Reservations

Hi there. I’ve been trying to find information on whether two people can book FastPass and dining reservations at the same time. If I get up in the morning with my spouse and we each have a computer on and are logged into the same My Disney Experience account, can I try and book, for example, Cinderella’s Dinner while my spouse books Be Our Guest? The same goes for FastPasses. Can we each be on the same account and book FastPasses for different days???

Thanks everyone.

Yes. I often will have two accounts (like, my sister’s and my own) open in Chrome and Explorer at the same time in order to make split dining reservations (we often have a group of 8 or more, so we’ll split into smaller groups for better availability). I tried it on the same account when I did my FPP last summer (we’ll usually have half go with the big kids to a thrill ride while the other half take the littles to something more their pace and for the first time we were able to use FPP for both groups) and it worked as well.

EDIT to add that I just tried booking two different days dining on the same account in two browsers and that worked just fine.

Thank you! That helps a lot. We are going for the first time in about 20 years, so there are many new things to plan for.

You’re welcome!

Just make sure you’re very clear on who’s got which days for the dining… the system will stop you from booking reservations for the exact same time, but it will let you book two reservations 90 minutes apart on the same day. I may or may not have screwed the pooch one morning by accidentally booking B/L/D for MK and Epcot on the same day! :flushed: By the time I went back and tried to get the same Epcot ones for the next day there was nothing left at Akershus.