Multiple Days at MK and the Planning

So my DD, My DW, and I just sat down to the spread sheet and looked over all the attractions we would like to do for the 4 days. Listed each attraction and how many times we would like to do each, had to talk the DD back off the 10 times on the tea cups. She could handle it, not sure I could.

Any way to the point of this ramble. I was sitting here splitting up the days trying to balance the attractions over the 4 days to separate the FP and what not. It sure would be nice if there was a website that would allow you to spread X attractions over X days and give you the best optimization<nudge nudge, feature request>.

Any else think this is a decent idea, or has the fear of 10 times around the tea pot gotten to me?



Are you doing all 4 days at MK?

We’ve been saying that around here for years. :wink:

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4 MK 2 EP 1 AK 1 HS

So much more for DD 4 to do there than any place else.

Yes! We had 3 MK days last fall and I would have loved this feature!

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Will you have park hoppers? If I may share our experience …

We did 4 days in MK our first trip back after many,many years. It was our DD5 very first trip XMAS 2015. 4 days was a bit much in MK for us. By the time we got to day 4, we were walking around aimlessly - almost bored with it all. We also did 2 EP, 1AK, 1 HS. DD5 would have liked 2 AK days and 3 MK days, but I couldn’t rearrange at the last minute. We also did RD to fireworks, and let DD5 fall asleep in the stroller every night whenever she got tired. If we would have taken mid day breaks, maybe 4 days would have been good. There’s only so much carousel one can ride!

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We have APs, and to be honest we might hop out in the afternoons after we have used the 3 FP for the morning. DD is really excited to ride SDMT, this will be her first time so i made 1 FP for us on each of the days in case she does like it and wants multiple rides. If not more EP and flower and garden for DW and I.

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