Multiple day TP, divide and conquer?

So i have 2.5 days(or maybe 3.5 we reserved last day for fave park) in MK next april with 4 adults and a 4 yo and was wondering am i better designing a TP that focuses on one side of the park or one land AM and another PM?

I seem to have just worked and used a 1 day plan as my base twice without really considering that.

whats anyone’s experience or thoughts?

TP has a 2-day MK plan that might be a good starting point for you. I wouldn’t “over-plan” the final half day; save it to catch things you missed on the first two days and to revisit favorites. If you’re planning on getting FPPs for that half day, I would just get ones for my “favorites” and work the rest of the day around them.

I wouldn’t know what to do with a 3rd MK day. Personally, 1.5 days is about enough of the MK for me - but I don’t have kids, and I’m not that big into riding attractions multiple times.

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I broke it up into different sections on a personalized plan over 2 days. In my experience it’s easier for me and the kids (we have three). I also gave an extra half day to play the interactive games so I don’t have to take up touring/ride time. We will have already done the rides so we can focus on the games.

Thanks yeh i looked at the two day plan and removed quite a few bits but ended up with a lot of ‘spare’ time so was thinking about how to fix that and duplicate or put more of the interactive stuff in like Suezq223 mentioned.

I would stick with mornings for doing attractions. My comments assume a willingness to get out of bed and be in the park at rope drop. If you miss rope drop, or get there later- that ‘spare time’ you mention having plenty of will be swallowed up in a hurry by standing in lines. Most of the major stuff in the MK can be done in two mornings if you are there at rope drop. One of the days will probably stretch out after lunch (we pick a day with a normal opening time for our ‘later’ morning), and that would be the day to stick around for the afternoon parade. After the parade you would be done on that day- but play it by ear, as the little one might not make it that long, and a parade isn’t worth ‘pushing it’ IMHO. When my kids were little, they couldn’t handle long park days- most can’t. They don’t have the stamina of an adult- and I have seen more than my fair share of adults ‘dragging’ tired, whiny kids through the parks when they should be taking a nap instead. And many times it resulted in what I consider to be inappropriate discipline- as the adult is the one that should be disciplined for expecting too much from a little kid- but, hey, that’s off topic and a whole other thread. One of the two mornings (the shorter of the two- we pick an EMH morning so we can be out of the park as long as possible), take a break after the attractions- and get out of the park for lunch and some downtime and a nap for the child (and maybe the adults, too). Then come back in the evening for the parade and fireworks- and if you want to, you could revisit a couple of favorite attractions before the parade. Since you probably won’t have FP+ for the evening, you would be standing in lines. More than two days in the MK is overkill for us, but maybe that extra 1/2 day could be filled in with interactive games as mentioned above. At least with that amount of time dedicated to one park you can plan for plenty of rest- and naps for the young one. I would also suggest- as a PP has- using the two day touring plans either here or in the book. You have to walk a little more- but it’s worth it. My 28th trip starts in a few weeks, and I have been using these touring plans since the 80s. I have never stood in a line longer than 10 minutes except for one time- and that was due to an intentional break from the plans.