Multiple day MK TP

I recently read a post where someone mentioned their “Main St and Tomorrowland day”. I will be in MK for 3 days (1 is mnnshp). I’m usually all over the park each day, trying to mix it up to keep the days different. Are there any pros to dividing the park into certain sections per day besides the obvious less walking?

Well the not walking perk is a big one. Disney trips are already exhausting so saving some precious steps can be a big deal. But not only does less walking save your feet it saves a ton of time. When you aren’t criss crossing around the park you can save literally hours by doing things in a grouped area at once before moving onto the next area.

Try making a TP and manually moving things into an order where you go from one ride to the next and evaluate it. Then compare the total walking time to a TP where you are criss crossing the park. It can be a really big difference.

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It’s our first trip, so I can’t talk from experience, but I split it up as well. Day 1 for me is just an evening, so we’re doing main street and frontierland, then on Day 2 AM I’m doing FantasyLand, and Day 2 PM (after a break), we’re doing Tomorrowland. We’ll be doing a 3rd day at the very end with whatever we want to do again, which will be more widespread, I’m assuming. On day 2, I did those as separate touring plans so that the system could calculate better and wouldn’t try mixing them up.

For us, it was all about minimizing the walking. We’re there for 6 nights and doing 6 days straight of parks, so i’m trying to not kill us all with exhaustion. I also have smallish kids, so they’ll be just as happy with little rides as with big rides. No need to just hit the coasters or whatever, so we’ll have plenty in each area.

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I also find that when we stay in one or two “lands” instead of roaming more broadly we notice more fun little details and have a chance to soak up the character of the park. I really appreciate saving the mental energy that would be devoted to navigation through crowds and multiple pathways. it makes me feel more able to just focus on where I am instead of where I need to try to get everyone headed to next, if that makes any sense.

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I will usually split it up into either left/right sides or front/back areas. In addition to the time & feet saving it makes it easier to decide which FPP to go for and where to eat.


I agree with awspoede. I do it for theme/atmosphere/details. I go during a slow time of year, so lines aren’t bad even in the middle of the day. Perhaps going during a more crowded time, I’d focus on breaking up the attractions more strategically.

We split MK into 1,5 days on our last trip (2014) and will do it this year too. The first day we will have a pre-RD breakfast at the Crystal Palace and spend the day in Frontierland, Adventureland, Main Street and Liberty Square. The next day we have a pre-RD breakfast at BOG and will spend the day in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, before heading to Chef Mickey’s for a late brunch at 1.30. 1,5 days in MK is enough for us, since we aren’t big on parades and will fall asleep hours before the fireworks (since we live in Oslo, Norway, 6 time zones away :relaxed:)

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