Multiple copies of same email

Hi @Len!

Wickedly appreciate the new email feature that not only updates crowd levels for tracked days but also park hours.

However, in the past several days I have received - almost daily - the same email with the same information for the same tracked days in my dashboard.

Just thought you and the team should know there’s some kind of glitch going on. I keep opening them thinking there has been another change but there is nothing new in them :wink:


I have received the same amount of e-mails. One e-mail so far for the past three days in a row.

Same here as well


And the link to the blog doesn’t work.

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Ditto. Like 3 emails yesterday.


Me too! Blog link also wasnt working. I figured I must have done something wrong :joy:


Yes, I got 3 as well and kept checking to see which parks had changed, but the crowd levels were the same.

Same here too. I know that mine are very close, as in next Tuesday but still.